Creaser Constructions focus on producing quality outcomes in all areas of concreting. Located in Bordertown in the South East of South Australia, part of the Tatiara District Council in the Limestone Coast, and neighbouring Western district of Victoria.

We’re a well-established construction company that has experience in architectural concrete projects, in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Our team are flexible and reliable, open to any concreting projects. Shaun Creaser, our Creaser Constructions Project Manager, is always available to guarantee clients are happy with the overall result for each project.

We work with local businesses, by sourcing our concrete from local producers in Bordertown, South Australia. We believe in the importance of working alongside local business owners by supporting each other and building our community.

Creaser Constructions offers a wider range of services and concreting concepts, including landscaping design and construction of retaining walls, decks, pergolas, and entertaining areas for your next project.

Here are some other concreting projects we can help with:

Shed floors

We can install your concrete shed floor, which includes the construction of service pits for mechanical servicing. Our team works within a safe, proficient, and professional environment. We can provide the advice to get your design and shed floor up to date with all the new functionality trends and ideas.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate can maximise the viewpoint for areas such as driveways, parks and gardens, pool decks, patios, walk-ways, community areas and commercial entryways. We will create a contemporary design, with natural stones from riverbeds. We can hand seed into a concrete base, which will give you a beautiful decorative, yet sustainable structured finish.

Applications/ Useable areas:

  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Shed Floors
  • Pool surrounds
  • Patios & outdoor entertainment areas
  • House Slabs
  • Garden edging
  • Sheep yards
  • Commercial entryways
  • Concrete footings
  • Silo pads
  • Washdown bays
  • Tank pads
  • Community areas
  • Retaining Walls

Creaser Constructions own the latest excavation machinery for the safe and precise trenching & drilling of holes where required. Our team have the capabilities to fit out and perform the steel-fixing too, no need for more contractors. We will ensure the foundations for stability, safety and longevity.

Tennis courts

A budding tennis player or just love a hit? Installing a tennis court into your family home provides the opportunity for you, family and friends to spend valuable, active time together.

The important part of building a tennis court is in the earthworks and positioning of the court. Concrete tennis courts are an affordable option in comparison to clay, grass, or synthetic based courts. They require the least amount of maintenance throughout its life cycle.

Creaser Constructions will safeguard the levelling and foundation work required for the concrete pour. We can also install the fencing and lighting poles for a full tennis court set-up.

Polished concrete

Are you building your dream home or renovating and considering polished concrete flooring? You might be undertaking a commercial project and require a floor that is durable, impressive and finish specified? Do you need an industrial project, based on project specifications? We can recommend a finish that is durable and fit for purpose.

Polished concrete floors provide a great alternative to other flooring whilst remaining a cost-effective option. With similarities to exposed aggregate concreted floors, polished concrete contains natural stones from riverbeds and quarries. We then hand seed into a concrete base, finished with polishing machinery for an impressive smooth finish.

The subtle, yet decorative natural flooring creates a gorgeous statement to your home. Additionally, you may have old, tired, or concealed concrete which needs upgrading.

Application/ Uses

  • New or old homes
  • Kitchen, living, dining rooms
  • Company Office floors
  • Shop fronts and display rooms
  • Show rooms
  • General flooring

Concrete driveways and curbing

Your home will be transformed with a makeover to your driveway, patio, pathways, entertainment area and even swimming pool surrounds. We will provide a safe, easily assessable entrance into or around your property. A durable surface which can also include a wide range of decorative finishes to complement the design and landscape of the area.

Concrete house slabs

A house starts with the correct foundation work. It’s the key to the successful longevity and comfort of your building. The benefit of concrete slabs offers your home a thermal advantage due to the mass within the product.

Concrete slabs are the ideal method for the southern climate. It utilises the natural ability to regulate indoor comfort by acting as a flywheel; specifically, by radiating or absorbing heat. This can then create heating or cooling temperatures.

Beneficially, we work with other builders and trades to ensure efficient timing and completion of the project. If it’s a job out of our capabilities,  we’ll source the required contractors however continue to manage the project. Additionally, Creaser Constructions have all the required machinery to complete the job, including excavation and trenching machinery to prepare for fixing of the concrete.

We’re a team on innovative builders. We are committed to quality, co-operation and listen to our customers. We create and maintain trusted relationships with clients resulting in positive outcomes for all involved.

For a free quote call Shaun on 0429 116 393, we look forward to working with you on your concrete project.